Month: September 2022

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How does ExtrasJar work?

ExtrasJar takes inspiration from the many budgeting philosophies of portioning up your income for separate expenses. With ExtrasJar, you’ll have flexible protection that provides coverage to your entire family. You can either choose a plan or create your own plan that complements your lifestyle, budget, and health needs!

Looking at the business numbers

ExtrasJar In the News | All set to give more Australians revolutionary protection they truly deserve

ExtrasJar is delighted to offer beneficial health and pet extras coverage to a larger population of our fellow Australians following the completion of our seed round funding. We successfully secured $600,000 bannered by our lead investor, Sydney Angels, a not-for-profit angel investment membership organisation established in 2008.

Reece Frazier

ExtrasJar In the News | Addressing the frustration among Australians wanting extra

One of ExtrasJar’s founders, Reece Frazier, discussed the current issues in the insurance industry, particularly about health extras coverage and premiums of insurers. These matters were those that they wanted to address that’s why ExtrasJar was established with a revolutionary approach to properly cater for the healthcare needs of Aussies.