Health cover

How to make your health
protection work for you

At ExtrasJar, we believe a sustainable, secure and valuable approach to health protection is all about personalisation. Our lifestyles and health needs are all different, so the way we invest in our health should follow suit!

That’s why we’re here to help you understand the ins and outs of a health cover plan that lets you do you. Learn how to bring the right puzzle pieces of health protection together without compromising your wellbeing or finances. Plus, see how our adaptable Health Savings Account can slot into your vision of wellness or pair with your existing protection.

Your health - your way

There’s a lot to consider when choosing health cover in Australia. With so many different options surrounding hospital cover, extras cover and ambulance cover, a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t cut it. Among many more, here’s some crucial questions to ask yourself before making your selection:

What life stage am I in?

Private health insurance options are usually split into four life stages: single, couple, family and senior.

What kind of cover am I after?

There are three main types of health cover: hospital, extras and ambulance. You can choose all, some or none.

What lifestyle do I lead?

Your level of activeness, your hobbies and overall health. informs the level or type of cover you may take out.

Are there any health considerations on the horizon?

If there are future events that will affect your health needs, such as pregnancy or a surgery, it’s worth looking for the cover that caters for them.

How much am I willing to spend?

More comprehensive cover leads to higher costs, so it’s essential you compare multiple insurance providers and their distinct levels of cover.

Do I want to avoid the Lifetime Health Cover loading?

The Lifetime Health Cover loading is a premium that increases annually by 2% every year you don’t have private hospital cover after the age of 31.

Hospital cover

Hospital cover refers to private health insurance that covers medical treatments and services received as an inpatient in a hospital. Hospital cover helps individuals and families pay for the costs associated with hospital stays, surgeries and other inpatient treatments. Many hospital cover policies include ambulance cover, though it’s important to clarify.

Hospital cover can provide access to private hospital rooms and facilities. They are commonly more comfortable and convenient compared to public hospitals.

Hospital cover may include coverage for medical fees charged by doctors and specialists during a hospital stay.

Bypass or reduce the waiting times for elective surgeries and treatments with private hospital cover. This is because private hospitals often prioritise private patients.

Extras cover

Also known as general treatment or out-of-hospital care, extras include an array of services that are not supported by Medicare. While hospital cover focuses on inpatient hospital care, extras cover helps individuals and families pay for a variety of services beyond its scope.

Conventional care includes services such as physiotherapy, dental and optical care. Almost all extras policies cover such treatments.

In both metro and regional areas, enjoy access to a national network of partnered health providers.

Some extras policies offer discounts and benefits with a range of healthcare professionals, providers and services.

Combine it all with ExtrasJar’s Health Savings Account

Realise true control and the ultimate support by combining your existing hospital, extras or ambulance cover with ExtrasJar’s Health Savings Account. Or, tap into its benefits as a standalone offering. We know that ordinary cover doesn’t cover everything, so we’ve flipped the script with a health product that covers just about anything that makes you healthier.

Look forward to minimising your gap payments from regular cover and gaining more freedom to invest in beneficial health products and services outside the scope of the insurance status-quo. Stay in control of health expenses with less out-of-pocket costs.

Secure your health and finances
- today and tomorrow

ExtrasJar’s Health Savings Account employs our pioneering investment model that challenges the all-too-common stagnation of expenses typical to modern health protection. Your contributions are invested into an ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme when you’re not using them, which means you’ll be rewarded for staying healthy and covered when your health calls.

Need more info?

  • Reduces hospital waiting times and opens up access to private hospitals.
  • Provides added protection and financial support if you’re planning for a family.
  • A Medicare Levy Surcharge applies to your income if you earn over $90k as an individual and don’t have hospital cover. You’ll be exempt from this tax if you.
    take out hospital cover.
  • A Lifetime Health Cover loading of 2% applies every year you don’t have hospital cover following your 31st birthday.
  • Private health insurance rebates minimise premium costs for those earning under $140k.

Medicare doesn’t cover ambulance costs in all states except Queensland and Tasmania.

  • Access a wide range of healthcare services not typically covered by Medicare or private hospital insurance.
  • Gain financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses associated with non-hospital healthcare services