Take control of your health insurance​

Introducing ExtrasJar: Where award-winning Hospital Insurance meets a ground breaking Health Savings Account. Tailor your coverage, invest wisely, and let your health insurance adapt to you.

Unparalleled health coverage​

At ExtrasJar, we blend our acclaimed Hospital Insurance with a revolutionary Health Savings Account, offering you a health coverage solution that’s as unique as you are. Enjoy the freedom to design your plan, make smart investments, and ensure that your coverage evolves with your needs​

How ExtrasJar works​

Bridging Health and Wealth

Step into the world of ExtrasJar, where top-notch hospital insurance and strategic financial growth converge. Here, comprehensive hospital protection seamlessly integrates with our Health Savings Account, empowering you to be healthier now and wealthier later. It's not just health insurance—it's an investment in your well-being and financial future.

Personalised hospital insurance

Experience the confidence of our Hospital Insurance, offering you and your family support through every health challenge

Secure your health for tomorrow

Channel funds into strategic health investment with our Health Savings Account, establishing a solid financial foundation for your healthcare needs.

Health cover that evolves with you.

Meld our Hospital Insurance with the Health Savings Account for a health plan that's as dynamic as you, evolving with your life's every turn.

Discover the ExtrasJar Difference

Step into the future with ExtrasJar. Human-crafted Hospital Insurance meets visionary Health Savings. Together, they form a seamless, adaptable health ecosystem, tailored to your life’s rhythm.

Need more info?

  • Reduces hospital waiting times and opens up access to private hospitals.
  • Provides added protection and financial support if you’re planning for a family.
  • A Medicare Levy Surcharge applies to your income if you earn over $90k as an individual and don’t have hospital cover. You’ll be exempt from this tax if you.
    take out hospital cover.
  • A Lifetime Health Cover loading of 2% applies every year you don’t have hospital cover following your 31st birthday.
  • Private health insurance rebates minimise premium costs for those earning under $140k.

Medicare doesn’t cover ambulance costs in all states except Queensland and Tasmania.

  • Access a wide range of healthcare services not typically covered by Medicare or private hospital insurance.
  • Gain financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses associated with non-hospital healthcare services