Pet Extras

Who is the plan for?


For individual

Active Extras


For those of us who want more peace of mind and save for more than just regular checkups.​

For individual

Custom Extras


For those of us who want the freedom to choose our own plan.

For individual

Pamper Extras


For health gurus who want be Zen about having funds ready when needed.

How it works

Choose your own plan

Invest in a way that is right for you, select from our popular plans, or create your own plan that suits you, starting at $10 a month.

Set your own limits

Extras your way, no more restrictive limits, set your limits on what treatments you need – no more paying for services you don’t .

Roll over unused funds

Your extras never expire it is your money, and unused funds rollover each year for when you need it, the larger it grows the less you need to invest each year.

How ExtrasJar is different

We know it is difficult to save for pet expenses like grooming and prescription food. That’s why we designed Pet Extras.  It’s easy to set up a plan to save for your furry friend. Contributions are invested and you can access your investment with a tap using your ExtrasJar Mastercard. 

Contributions to your Pet Extras Account will be invested into the ExtrasJar managed Fund. You can pay for pet treatments and services with the ExtrasJar Mastercard at your provider of choice. 

Roll over any unused funds to use when you need. Because it’s your money and we keep it that way.

Your payments are invested into an ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme when you’re not using them which can put more cash in your back pocket from the jump. Draw from these savings to pay for  extras down the track without delay. 

Freedom of choice is at the heart of the ExtrasJar mission. With your exclusive ExtrasJar Mastercard, you can simply tap to pay for your pet expenses.

What others have to say

“Savings for pet related expenses is a great idea and the fact savings are invested is amazing. It takes the hassle of investing for me.



“My dog, Barney is a big part of my life, and the extra pet costs can add up and be expensive. I struggle to save but pet extras has helped me save for my furry friend.”



“I love my pet and those extra expenses like grooming and prescription food always add up. Setting up an investment plan for your pet is just want I need!”



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