Discover what happens when you’re in control

ExtrasJar set out with a mission to shake up financial service and give control back to you, starting with health and pet. We understand you want to protect yourself and your family, that you’re motivated by flexibility and purpose, and that you want to make your dollars work for you. That’s exactly what we want too!

We saw a problem and created a solution

When founders Reece Frazier and John Connor met, they were both working in financial services. The more they experienced, the more they heard customers asking for more – more flexibility, more clarity and more control. Yet giving the community what they wanted seemed to be taking a back seat.

So Reece and John built a platform that gives the people exactly what they were looking for. The outcome not only gives Aussies and their furry friends more flexible cover for the extras they want, but provides security that evolves with every chapter of life. ExtrasJar was created to offer more revolutionary peace of mind for the entire family for everyone’s enduring benefit.

It’s simple, really

At its core, ExtrasJar is a financial services company that means business. We’ve designed an innovative pet and health extras investment and insurance products which cut down the cost of everyday living and unlock financial freedom for people from all walks of life. Our experience allows us to draw inspiration from a range of industries to form a reliable, customer-focused service that works for your success.

ExtrasJar is new, and we realise that sometimes new can be hard to wrap your head around. At ExtrasJar, we’ll personally guide you through all our industry ‘firsts’ to help you see how you can take back control and protect your entire family with innovative health and pet coverage.

It’s a revolution. You’re invited to join the forefront.

Core values

At ExtrasJar, what we do is just as important as the way we do it.


Working towards transparent, secure and holistic cover for all Australians.


Giving customers complete control of their own funds.


Allowing reliable and adaptable cover for moments when you need it most.

Meet the Founders

Reece Frazier


Product, user experience and technology executive.

John Connor


Actuary, product developer, risk and compliance executive.