Because your furry friends are part of the family

That’s why ExtrasJar offers flexible, personalised and sustainable care for your dog and cat too. It’s the added peace of mind that your pet will receive the best possible care in the event of illness or injury, without you having to dig into your savings. You can also add a pet extras to your ExtrasJar Pet insurance, giving you the added bonus of a digital Pet Extras Card, you can to cover non-insured care like routine checkups and vaccinations.

The extensive security your pet deserves

Dog or cat, dinner at the table or on the back deck, every pet is unique. And we insure them that way. We’ve got a number of options to suit the level of coverage you’re looking for and plenty of extras so that you can choose exactly what your pet is protected from.

Choose the right fit for your pet

We know saving for pet expenses like grooming and prescription food isn’t easy. That’s why we designed Pet Extras.  Setting up a plan to save for your furry friend is easy. Contributions are invested, and you can access your investment with a tap using your ExtrasJar Mastercard. 

 Our pet extras plan allows you to save for services not covered by insurance, such as pet grooming, prescription food, and vaccines. Your savings are invested in the ExtrasJar Fund, making investing hassle-free.

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Pet insurance can be a big expense, that is why we offer higher excess options to help manage your premium whilst still providing extensive coverage for your furry friend.

With our high annual excess options, you’ll pay a higher amount out of pocket when you file a claim, but you’ll enjoy lower monthly premiums.

With our pet insurance plans, you have the freedom to choose an annual limit, benefit percentage, and annual excess to suit your budget.

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Unsure of anything?

Wherever possible, we try to make pet coverage easy for you. Whether it’s getting a quote or checking out the options, we’re here to make your ExtrasJar experience a good one.