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Discover a seamless blend of health and pet insurance with ExtrasJar, crafted for your family's unique needs. With ExtrasJar, safeguard what matters most while optimising your finances through innovative investment solutions. Smart, tailored protection starts here.

A Perfect Fit for Your Busy Lifestyle

As your household's Chief Financial Officer (CFO), you have a lot on your plate – and at ExtrasJar, we understand that. Our flexible financial products let you protect your whole family, including fur babies, while also investing in your future. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're covered without breaking the bank.

ExtrasJar means no one gets left behind

Pet Insurance

Insurance for furry family member

Your fur baby is more than just a pet – they’re a cherished member of your family. And you want to give them the best care possible.

That’s where our extensive-cover pet insurance with wallet-friendly options comes in.

Health Insurance

Tailored for You

Transform your health coverage with ExtrasJar. Our Hospital Insurance coupled with a Health Savings Account is not just coverage, it’s a strategic approach to your well-being. Benefit from a plan that fits perfectly into your life puzzle, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses while maximizing the scope of your protection.

As Seen In

How ExtrasJar works

ExtrasJar revolutionises protection to suit your lifestyle and needs. Our financial products are designed to provide the flexibility to choose and structure your family and health cover to keep more of your spend in your control and pocket while still having the benefit of protection when you need it.

We’re invested in your health, just as you are. The Health Extras Account give you the potential for your investment to grow, and greater confidence in the health of yourself and your wallet – all at once.

Your Health and Pet Extras payments are invested into an ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme, putting more money in your pocket. Use your growing savings for health and pet expenses as needed, without delay.


We offer Pet insurance with an annual limit of up to $25,000 and benefit percentages up to 90%. Choose an annual excess that works for your budget and lifestyle with the option to select up to $1,000 to keep premiums low. With no sub-limits and 24/7 access to a pet health hotline it’s time to take control. 


Don't just take it from us

Saving for your own extras is a great alternative. I’ve been building up a nest egg and at my next physio appointment my Health Extras Account will cover 100% of the cost.”



“The ExtrasJar philosophy of “extras your way” really resonates with me. I did the math and quickly worked out not only was I paying my health fund much more than I was claiming but each year I would lose money in unclaimed extras. With ExtrasJar I no longer lose money and I get to use the funds how I want! It really is extras my way.”



“I’ve always seen extras as a waste of money because I never claim and even when I claim, there’s always an out-of-pocket surprise. Now I can save for the extras I want with the added bonus of my savings being invested, perfect!”



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