Redefining Health Insurance for Aussies

Experience ExtrasJar's revolutionary approach to health coverage, now powered by Phoenix Health's expertise in hospital insurance.

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Why ExtrasJar for Your Health Insurance?

Discover why more Aussies are turning to ExtrasJar’s tailored approach for comprehensive health coverage.

Tailored Hospital Insurance

Partnered with Phoenix Health, we offer four distinct hospital insurance products to ensure you get the perfect fit for your needs. Experience coverage that truly understands and caters to your unique requirements.

Revolutionary Health Savings Account

With ExtrasJar’s HSA, design your health financial strategy the way you envision. Enjoy unparalleled control, flexibility, and the power to make decisions best suited for your health and wallet.

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The ExtrasJar & Phoenix Partnership

We’ve joined forces with Phoenix Health to elevate your health insurance experience, and here’s why this partnership makes all the difference.

Australian Health Concierge

With Phoenix Health by our side, you get exclusive access to an Australian-based health concierge. Have questions or need guidance? Schedule a time that suits you, and our dedicated team will be at your service.

Member-Centric Approach

We share a united vision: It's never about the profits. It's about you, your health, and the benefits tailored to your needs.

Heritage & Trust

Phoenix Health has been the gold standard for over 70 years, symbolizing trust and a member-first approach to health insurance.

Transparency is Our Promise

Together, we stand by the principle of clarity. No hidden fees, no perplexing terms. Just honest, transparent, and commitment-driven health coverage for all Aussies.

The ExtrasJar Edge

Combining traditional Hospital Insurance with a groundbreaking health investment tool, we’re rewriting the rules of health coverage:

Empower Your Health Decisions

With ExtrasJar's Health Savings Account, you can determine how and where to use your funds. Be it immediate needs or unforeseen future health expenses – you're in control.

More Than Just 'Extras'

We believe that anything that positively influences your health is an investment. Our HSA recognizes a broader spectrum of health needs, ensuring you have the resources for a comprehensive health journey.

Lifetime Health Investment

Your contributions don’t just last a year. They're there for you today, in a decade, or whenever you need them. Be it for an excess, a gap payment, or any other health-related expense.

A Revolutionary Health Approach

By pairing Phoenix’s Hospital Insurance prowess with our innovative HSA, we’re offering not just coverage, but a sustainable, comprehensive strategy for your health and well-being. Think bigger, think longevity, think ExtrasJar.

ExtrasJar Bronze Hospital

Discover ExtrasJar's Tailored Hospital Insurance Products

Explore our tailored options, each meticulously crafted to cater to your distinct health needs. Unveil the benefits of each product and choose what aligns best with your health objectives.


ExtrasJar Bronze Hospital

Essential Private Coverage: Reliable and cost-effective coverage focusing on essential treatments. Balanced Healthcare: Ensures you're covered for foundational medical needs without compromising on the budget. Ideal for: Those who prioritize a blend of affordability and quality.

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ExtrasJar Health Insurance

ExtrasJar Bronze Plus Essentials

Enhanced Coverage: Step up from basic with inclusion of vital categories like dental surgery. Exceptional Value: Offers a perfect balance between comprehensive care and budget-conscious pricing. Ideal for: Individuals seeking a harmonious blend of extensive care and affordability.

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ExtrasJar Silver Everyday Hospital

Quality Care: Access to an array of procedures in private hospital settings. Affordable Excellence: Ensures quality healthcare without breaking the bank. Ideal for: Those aiming for a superior healthcare experience at sensible pricing.

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ExtrasJar Silver Plus Advantage

Superior Health Benefits: Comprehensive care excluding services like pregnancy and weight loss surgery. Tailored to Your Needs: Designed specifically for those who prioritize extensive coverage. Ideal for: Individuals who seek top-notch health benefits tailored to their specific needs.

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Together with ExtrasJar’s Health Savings Account, these products redefine what comprehensive health insurance truly means, offering a fusion of traditional hospital coverage with innovative health financial solutions.

Join the Health Revolution with ExtrasJar

Dive into a world where health insurance is more than just coverage—it’s a strategy for life.