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In today’s day and age it can be rather overwhelming to decipher what skin care to choose, how to make wrinkles disappear and how to balance work and exercise. In saying this, perhaps we could be searching for the right stones under the wrong rocks. Here are a few tips to keep healthy, both in mind and body as you continue your journey through life.

Considering the implications of current situations affecting today’s society such as COVID-19 and lock downs it is important to keep on top of not just your health but also your wellbeing. This can be dialled down to diet, exercise, clarity, routines and comfortability changes. Through this, you will explore the different possibilities to proactively prioritise lifestyle, and mental advances. Allow us to aid you in reaching the right avenues!

Top four tips to maintain health for older women

Tip One - Diet and overall gut health

When mentioning diet it can be confronting, people are comfortable with their food intake. It isn’t necessarily intake that is the issue, it’s what we are taking in that can be explored. 

Recent studies have shown that gut health can be a direct correlation to mental clarity and overall drive so it is important to discover new alleyways to ensure we are functioning properly, all the time. Functioning actively is important as we age, it keeps us ripe! Switching to alternative options for snacking and eating healthier isn’t as hard as we think. Most superfoods that actively assist in gut and mental clarity are those we have accessibility to the most!

  • Apples
  • Onions
  • Oats
  • Asparagus
  • Leek

For aging women there are more specific options available to ensure you are providing your bodies with the best fuel possible. Certain foods and superfoods act upon different bodily functions, for example, berries can be responsible for minimising diabetes, heart disease and cancer for over 50’s. 

Always staying well hydrated and snacking proactively, rather than reactively daily can also be a beneficial substitute as well. Don’t just take our word for it, we can help you see professionals who can dial into your specific needs, you just point us the way!

Tip Two - Exercise

“I can’t do that like I used to.” 

How can you as growing women ensure that you stay happy and healthy in the eyes of exercise. Outlets such as pilates can be insanely beneficial to ensure those joints stay warm and flexible, keeping you feeling great! Pilates has many pros attached which can include:

  • Flexibility enhancement 
  • Posture corrective stretches
  • An alternative option for cardio
  • Assists in weight loss

It is important for us to feel as if we can climb mountains, even in our later years. If physical exercise isn’t appealing there are other avenues like physiotherapy, acupuncture, and yoga that can all assist us in this journey to becoming ever-fit and ready for anything.

Tip Three - Mental clarification

Through all times of life it is extremely important to be able to express feelings, emotions and moments of vulnerability. By doing this it allows us to remove worries and backed up concerns, stress and brain fog which can get in the way of our day to day lives. It won’t matter how fit or in shape we are, if we struggle to reach a feeling of appreciation and excitement towards our days, it won’t mean much. It can be hard, especially for those who are mothers and grandmothers, those in high stress occupations and anyone with previous trauma. 

Naturally women tend to express their emotions and feelings more than men, however, it can be amazing to do so with someone who offers no judgment. Professional advice!

Through ExtrasJar, you will be able to delegate any percentage of your ExtrasJar fund towards counselling, therapy, couple’s assistance and everything in between should you see fit.

Tip Four - Routine

As we grow in age it can be easy to succumb to the daily routines we are so used to pursuing. By changing these routines it can potentially allow us to send our state of comfortability into shock, allowing us to force ourselves to adapt to something new. Doing this isn’t hard either, it can also be something somebody like a therapist or counsellor can encourage or suggest in depth as well. 

Little adjustments to daily routines can positively impact our lives greatly, for instance, instead of sitting down the entirety of lunch, walk around for a few minutes. Start your morning with a cold shower, adjust your body clock, drive a different way home. It’s sometimes the little things that can keep us sharp!

At ExtrasJar, we're here for you through the years

ExtrasJar invests in the best version of you. By transparently guiding you through our investments, we are able to offer you a range of services that are best suited to you, at your freedom. With us, you will financially be able to access all of these options suggested above to improve your way of life. We are here for everyone across all walks of life.

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