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It’s not exactly health insurance, but a new investment account for health expenses is here to save Australian consumers hundreds on their household bills. Called ‘Extras Jar’, it’s like a piggy bank where a stash of cash accumulates and can only be used for medical items.
ExtrasJar Founders

ExtrasJar appeared on 7News, the highest-rating television news service in Australia, to inform and educate Aussies on how they can efficiently save hundreds of dollars on medical bills.

“Health extras are a sham, people are paying much more than they get back in benefits,” according to ExtrasJar co-founder, John Connor.

Connor himself had frustrations with his previous health extras policy when he needed to see a physiotherapist following his knee injury. He initially thought that his extras would be enough to cover the required sessions after he paid so much for several years because he rarely claimed them.

However, he learned that his policy only covered a little amount, enough for only 2 sessions, and realised how the insurer made so much profit from him over the years. This is just one of the reasons why Connor, along with his co-founder, Reece Frazier, established ExtrasJar – where the customers’ money remains theirs for their benefit around the clock.

“Putting your money aside to pay for health treatments in the future. And if you don’t need it, it’s still your money,” Frazier said regarding the unique and revolutionary approach of ExtrasJar.

The average funding of paying members for dental, optical, and physio treatments is $600 a year, even if they don’t claim anything. But over the years, the amount of money they spend on premiums does not equate and becomes insufficient to cover the cost of treatments when they need them already, similar to what happened with Connor.

At ExtrasJar, customers will create an investment account for their healthcare needs. Their money will be invested in the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme if unused, which can put more cash in their back pocket from the jump. As a result, they will be able to keep their savings and will also have the potential to grow for their future use.

The opportunity to be featured by 7News is truly a huge factor for us to reach our goal of reaching more and more Australians to give them a solution regarding the current issues surfacing in the insurance industry.

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