August 2023

Comprehensive Guide to Thriving during a Cost of Living Crisis

Over the past four weeks, we’ve explored various aspects of navigating a cost of living crisis. From understanding the nature of this economic phenomenon to implementing practical budgeting strategies, choosing the right insurance plan, and adopting a sustainable lifestyle. This comprehensive guide aims to summarize the key takeaways and provides a blueprint for thriving during a cost of living crisis.

The Power of Reuse and Minimal Living: A Guide to Sustainable Savings

As the cost of living continues to rise, many of us are looking for ways to tighten our belts without compromising on quality of life. Two philosophies that can help us achieve this balance are the concepts of reuse and minimal living. In this post, we’ll explore how these strategies can lead to sustainable savings and also touch upon another aspect of household budgeting: insurance – specifically, health and pet insurance.

Does pet insurance cover Desexing?

Pet insurance policies typically don’t cover routine procedures such as desexing (spaying or neutering) as they are considered standard preventive measures. Pet insurance is primarily designed to provide coverage for unexpected accidents, illnesses, and emergency veterinary care.