Why does pet insurance NOT usually cover vaccinations?

So you already have an idea that vaccinations are not typically covered by standard pet insurance packages. Ever wondered why? Let’s find out in this blog.

Vaccination is vital for pets to help them avoid certain illnesses and diseases. As owners, you should be on top of their routine vaccination record, making sure their shots are complete from puppy to adult.

However, the cost of having your pet vaccinated can be a burden. In the first year alone, a puppy or kitten vaccination may cost $170 to $250. While the ongoing cost for annual vaccination ranges from $80 to $90.

Getting a pet insurance plan may be a great move to ease your monetary worries. But let’s get this straight – standard insurance packages do NOT cover vaccinations. Wondering why so? Keep reading to know more.

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Vaccinations fall under the routine care category

Pet insurance gets your back should your pet falls ill or encounters an accident, which costs a fortune if you pull it from your savings on hand. Because of this, routine care or preventative treatments like vaccination, deworming, desexing, and others are not covered by standard insurance plans.

Although you are not stuck if you really prefer to get pet insurance, some insurers offer different packages aside from accident and illness coverage. 

There is the comprehensive pet insurance plan, the highest level of cover possible, which includes routine care. But not all preventative treatments may be covered by the said plans. Packages vary per financial institution.

It’s also notable that routine care inclusions in pet insurance plans feature sub-limits. What are they? These are claims ceilings per treatment, meaning you can claim only up to a certain amount per procedure. Think of it as a breakdown of fees that totals your annual limit.

For more information about pet insurance sub-limits, read through our blog here.

Pet plans that cover vaccinations

Now, if standard insurance packages do not cover vaccinations, which plans do cover them? 

Well, one option is the comprehensive insurance plan aforementioned. If you want coverage for accidents and illnesses with add-on routine care benefits, it’s the best way to go. A heads up, though, that since there are more benefits, expect a higher premium.

Another option you may consider is getting a pet extras plan instead. This is your safest bet if you want access to all non-insured procedures, such as routine care or preventative treatments.

Pet extras have also evolved over the years. Gone are the days when extras plans are seen as an unworthy investment and a waste of money because the premiums paid do not justify what they get back in benefits.

That’s where ExtrasJar comes in.


Radical approach to genuinely protect your pet

ExtrasJar shakes up the insurance and investments industry to give control back to our customers. Our innovative approach towards pet insurance and extras provides you peace of mind that your furry mate is protected, PLUS the added benefit that your savings have the potential to expand for future use.

Whatever plan you are looking for to secure your pet’s health, we got it for you. 

Eyeing a plan specific for vaccinations and other preventative treatments? Start setting up your ExtrasJar Pet Extras Account now. Looking for a comprehensive pet insurance plan with add-on extra benefits? Stay tuned because we are launching the ExtrasJar Pet Insurance very soon.

Spend your money how you want, access and pay for treatments your pet only needs, no sub-limits on pet insurance, and all other things you love about insurance and extras!

Love what you read? Then dive into the pet care revolution today. Find versatility and discover what happens when you’re in control with the aid of ExtrasJar.

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