The definitive guide to a Christmas kitten

Thinking about a furry surprise under the tree this year? Discover the key things you need to consider before gifting a Christmas kitten.

You’ve seen the movies, watched the unboxing videos and envisioned an adorable little kitten, bow and all, emerging from a box under the tree. It’s a Christmas card-perfect sight – undoubtedly cute – but there is so much to toss up before this dream can become a reality.

Why? Well, every kitten gifter needs to remember that it’s a responsibility that goes beyond doing circles around the house on Christmas day. It’s a commitment that can span multiple decades and something that relies on time, money, living arrangements and just the right lifestyle to make it all work.

Before gifting a beautiful ball of fluff to a friend, family member or your household, let’s dive into some questions you need to ask yourself. If you’ve ticked every box, we’ll explore some innovative options to secure the good health of both the kitten and the giftee’s wallet.

3 questions to ask yourself before investing in a Christmas kitten

Is Christmas the right time?

Though the kitten-in-a-box idea is extremely precious, try to put yourself in the giftee’s shoes for a moment to understand whether or not one of the busiest times of the year is the right time for a new household hallmark. 

The holidays can be hectic – travel plans, plentiful time with family and friends, big dinners, ham-filled lunches – you’ll need to be sure the new cat parent is available and invested over the festive period to bond with their new best mate. Remember, a busy household can put a lot of stress on a kitten who needs to get used to a space.

There’s nothing wrong with delaying the uniting a month or two to ensure all conditions line up desirably. Read on to show that it can still all be a surprise!

Should it be a surprise?

We’re aware that the whole surprise thing is part of the tradition, but it’s honestly not fair to assume that anyone (or others in their household) has the yearning or ability to care for a cat out of the blue. As mentioned in the last point, there is so much to consider around the festive season, let alone the coming decades!

A surprise also won’t allow for the new owner to pick the kind of cat they truly want. Is a full-of-beans kitten what they’re really after? Or do they want a chill, older companion? You’ll never know for sure without asking.

So, to meet in the middle, here’s an idea. Wrap up a cat bowl, play toy or tin of cat food for an under-the-tree opening surprise. You can be assured there’ll be a reaction once they put two and two together! From this reaction and after a little time for them to think about it, you’ll be sure whether or not a cat was the right choice. You can then organise next steps together – picking out a kitten, sorting out the perfect time, getting the house ready – the things that make a new kitten really special. 

Am I acting on impulse?

Had you considered the last two steps thoroughly? If they made you stop and think, you might need more time. Take a moment to zoom out and consider the situation and needs of the proposed kitten parent. This will give you time to take into account their financial situation, time availability and overall interest in a cat. If unsure, you can ask them some important questions. 

We understand that all the stars may have aligned for you to reach this gift decision but it’s really not something to be taken lightly. Out of complete respect for both your friend or family member and the little fluff ball – please don’t act on impulse.

The kitten’s coming - what’s next?

So, you’ve ticked all the boxes and become 100% sure that a kitten is the right gift for your special someone. Is all that’s left finding the perfect box and bow? Maybe, but it’s worth looking even further to ensure this cat has the best and healthiest life possible. 

Pet insurance across Australia is quickly becoming the norm for responsible pet owners. Pet ownership is already an expensive undertaking, so the financial buffer of insurance and extras cover has become a reliable confidante for many. Why not pair this Christmas kitten with a plan that meows their language?

With ExtrasJar, we’re revolutionising the pet cover game to make kitten ownership be full of only the things it should be – cuddles, purrs and cardboard boxes. Our incredible twist on pet accident and illness cover is coming in early 2023, while our innovative approach to pet extras has been taking the pressure off fur parent’s backs for quite some time now. 

Let’s just say we think there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to pet cover. Whether a kitten requires it all to be spent on dental, acupuncture, vaccinations or routine check-ups, or a bit of this and a bit of that, we’re here to make that a reality. 

Give the gift of versatility, true control and confidence alongside this Christmas cat with ExtrasJar.

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