Is Pet Insurance Worth It For Older Dogs?

At ExtrasJar we love dogs, the snuggles, the play time and unconditional love, but unfortunately our dogs do get older. John is one of the co-founders of ExtrasJar and whilst his dog, Barney the Pomeranian, looks like a puppy and teddy bear, he is a mature dog and his health needs have changed over time. For all of us, as our beloved dogs age, their health needs may change, making it even more crucial to provide them with appropriate care and protection.
Pet insurance for older dog

Pet insurance can play a vital role in ensuring extensive coverage for older dogs, helping to manage their health conditions and providing peace of mind for pet owners. In this article, the ExtrasJar team explores the importance of pet insurance for older and mature dogs, considerations to keep in mind when selecting coverage, and the benefits it offers during this stage of their lives.

Why Pet Insurance Matters for Older Dog

Ensuring you pet is covered will help give you peace of mind you and your furry friend needs. Below are some of the key reasons why pet insurance is needed for older dogs:

  • Increasing Health Risks: As dogs age, they become more susceptible to various health issues, such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Pet insurance can help manage the costs associated with diagnosing, treating, and managing these age-related conditions.

  • Higher Veterinary Expenses: Veterinary care costs tend to rise as dogs age due to increased medical needs, specialized treatments, medications, and regular check-ups. Pet insurance can help offset these expenses, ensuring that older dogs receive the necessary care without financial strain on their owners.

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Older dogs may have pre-existing health conditions or be more prone to certain hereditary conditions. Pet insurance can provide coverage for ongoing treatment, management, and medication for these conditions, depending on the policy’s terms and conditions.

  • Unexpected Emergencies: Accidents and emergencies can happen at any age, and older dogs may be more vulnerable to injuries or sudden illnesses. Pet insurance can offer financial protection for emergency veterinary care, including surgeries, hospitalizations, and critical care.

What to consider when buying Pet Insurance for Older Dogs

It can be challenging getting pet insurance for an older dog. At ExtrasJar we encourage Aussie to start early protecting your fur baby, after all they are part of the family. The key issues when buying pet insurance for older dogs are:

  • Age Limitations: Some pet insurance providers may have age restrictions for enrolling older dogs. It’s important to research and choose a provider that offers coverage for senior dogs or has higher age limits.

  • Waiting and Exclusionary Periods: Many pet insurance policies have waiting or exclusionary periods before coverage begins for certain conditions. Considering that older dogs may have pre-existing conditions or be more likely to develop age-related ailments, understanding waiting periods is essential to ensure coverage when needed.

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Most pet insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. However, some providers may offer limited coverage or specific options for managing pre-existing conditions. Review the policy terms regarding pre-existing conditions to understand what coverage is available

  • Excess, Benefit Percentage and Premiums: Consider the excess amounts, benefit percentage and premium costs associated with the pet insurance policy. Balance your budget with the level of coverage needed for your older dog’s health requirements.

Benefits of Pet Insurance for Older Dogs

We see lots of benefits of pet insurance for older dogs, some of the key benefits are:

  • Extensive Coverage: Pet insurance provides coverage for a wide range of veterinary treatments, including consultations, diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, and ongoing treatments for chronic conditions.

  • Financial Protection: With pet insurance, pet owners have peace of mind knowing that they are financially protected against the high costs of unexpected illnesses, emergencies, and age-related conditions

  • Enhanced Care Options: Pet insurance can open-up more treatment options for older dogs, including access to specialists, advanced diagnostics, and specialized therapies that may improve their quality of life.

  • Tailored Coverage: Some pet insurance policies include additional cover as standard that specifically cater to the needs of older dogs, such as coverage for specialised therapies, mobility aids, or end-of-life care.

Pet insurance is a valuable tool for ensuring extensive coverage and peace of mind for older dogs. As our furry companions age, their health needs change, and the costs associated with their care may increase. By securing appropriate early pet insurance coverage, pet owners can effectively manage the financial burden of age-related health conditions, emergencies, and ongoing veterinary care.

Take the time to research and compare pet insurance providers, considering their coverage options, age limitations, pre-existing condition policies and waiting periods. With the right pet insurance in place, you can provide your older dog with the best possible care while alleviating financial stress and ensuring their well-being in their golden years.

The information in this article is general in nature as it has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) & Target Market Determination, and obtain appropriate financial and taxation advice, before making a decision about whether ExtrasJar’s products are right for you. ExtrasJar Pet Insurance is subject to age entry requirements, exclusion periods and exclusions, such as pre-existing Conditions. Please see our (PDS) for more details.

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