Give the gift of good health and security this holiday season

Looking for the best gift for your family this Christmas? We got you covered! Rest easy over the holidays knowing that the entire family is protected and your savings are secured.

Time seems to pass by before our eyes. It’s already the Christmas season, and the next thing we know, we are capping off another year too.

The season of giving is here! And if you ask us what’s the best gift for yourself and your entire family, without a doubt, our answer is good health and financial security.

In today’s time where the cost of living is getting more and more expensive, the more we should also be practical. So, let’s lay low on fancy material things first and prioritise what’s more necessary. 

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Good health for yourself and the entire family

A health extras cover for you and the squad is definitely a treat this Christmas. It equips you and your pockets when rainy days arrive.

You might be thinking, “I’m very conscious and careful. I won’t need that!” 

Well, no matter how cautious you are, health scares may be just around the corner (like the holidays). They can be inevitable, and it typically happens when you least expect them. Especially with the holiday rush, there is a higher risk of accidents or other mishaps.

Always remember – you can never be fully prepared. That’s why as much as you can take the necessary steps to level up your preparation and equip yourself further, never hesitate to do it.

In addition, health extras can also be used if you want to treat or focus on yourself. 

For example, now that we are about to close another 365 days, pat yourself on the back for a job well done all year round. Reward yourself, even! Treat yourself to a good massage without worrying about the monetary cost, as you can use your plan to pay for it.

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Comprehensive security for your pet

We, Aussies, love pets. If the entire family is protected, they should be too! After all, they are also part of the family, right?

It’s a different scenario for them because they can’t directly tell us if they are in pain. There are even scenarios where you thought of visiting the vet just for a simple, random check-up. Only to discover that they are already sick for quite a while, and the symptoms are just not showing.

This is where pet extras cover comes in handy. It allows you to be on top of your furry friend’s health, minus the worries that you’ll lose a chunk of your savings every now and then.

Also, there is no Medicare for pets. So, getting them a cover for preventative treatments such as vaccination, desexing, and routine check-ups is a wise move. To make it even better, a pet insurance policy is also practical because it provides coverage when they encounter an accident or suffer from an ailment.Related article: How to choose the best pet extras in Australia

Secure your health and pockets this Christmas with ExtrasJar

Health should always be the first priority, especially when it comes to yourself, your family, and your four-legged companion. It should not be compromised. That’s why you should always opt for the best.

And speaking of the best, an extras plan is “best” with the mission to give you comprehensive security, flexibility, and control over your funds. There are no restrictive limits, and you are not losing your benefits.

Sounds too good to be true? Nope, it’s already a reality! ExtrasJar revolutionised the system to give Australians the best of health and pet care because it’s what they both need and deserve.

Don’t be fooled, though, because having the best plan that looks after your whole family, including your furry friend, should not hurt your pockets. In fact, ExtrasJar empowers you to save further. 

If you don’t make a claim, your funds roll over to the next year and are invested, to gain the potential to put more cash in your back pocket. Say goodbye to a stressful festive season where you have to splurge on treatments before the year ends, or else you will lose your benefits. No need to use it before you lose it because you can already save it!

With ExtrasJar, the goal is for you to have the revolutionary peace of mind that you are covered for unexpected blows to your or your family’s health. All while maintaining financial independence because you have sufficient funds on your own and don’t need to rely on others.

Yes, it’s the season of giving, BUT let’s add to that. It’s also the season of getting. Get an extras cover for yourself and the whole family. Protect your health and keep your financial security.

Spread the holiday cheer with peace of mind. Find versatility and discover what happens when you’re truly in control. Join the ExtrasJar health and pet care revolution today.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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