ExtrasJar protection

Flexible cover for your entire family

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all for comprehensive cover. That’s why we’re saying goodbye to restrictive limits that don’t suit your budget, lifestyle and needs. With ExtrasJar, you can spend your money the way you want, with the complete confidence that everyone is protected.


Get coverage for the extras you want, sustainably invest in your future and never be stuck with unexpected fees with a health extras account that grows with you through every chapter of life. Plus, the ExtrasJar provider network means you’ll always be first in-line for the very best care.


Never lose sleep over unexpected pet health costs when you’ve got coverage that grows alongside your furry friend through challenges of all shapes and sizes. Be confident in their health and your wallet with cover underlined by flexibility, transparency and foresight.

What you need, when you need it

Watch your fund grow
By investing in diversified, minimal-risk portfolios including cash and cash equivalents, index-linked Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and term deposits, your ExtrasJar fund will steadily increase in value. You’ll be empowered to invest back into your good health for years to come.*

Unbridled access
Pay for treatments with your ExtrasJar digital MasterCard at the point of sale. Forget about moving funds around, it’s all right there – anytime.

Self insurance deposit
Stretch your cover as far as possible with our revolutionary self-insurance deposit feature. Contribute up to $1000 when you begin to lower your premium and have peace of mind that the funds are there to pay a valid claim. If you don’t find yourself drawing upon it, enjoy a lower premium in years to come.

Affordable, adaptable cover
Adjust your cover to suit your family’s unique situation by focusing exclusively on extras or bundling it with comprehensive insurance. There are plenty of opportunities to cut down your payments as you find exactly what works for you.

Say goodbye to out-of-pocket payments
When it comes to general treatments, the complicated and slow rebate systems of the past are replaced by a fund for the future that is your own and can be accessed on-demand.

Funds forever-relevant
At ExtrasJar, we know it’s your money, so we’ll rollover unused funds year after year for your future benefit – not ours.

Freedom of choice
Choose from a variety of holistic ExtrasJar healthcare providers, or go with a provider of your choice – the ball is in your court.

Experience benefits
Healthcare providers within the ExtrasJar network offer exclusive discounts and plans to ExtrasJar customers.


Don’t pay for what you don’t need
Your ExtrasJar fund is only used for the extras you choose. The rest is invested and any returns are yours to keep so that you can build your safety net.

Long-term value
The longer you stick with ExtrasJar, the smaller your extras payment becomes and the bigger your ExtrasJar fund will grow.

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