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Discover our innovative financial solutions designed to protect your family and grow your wealth. With our tailor-made health and pet extras investment solutions and extensive wallet-friendly pet insurance, you can create a comprehensive financial plan that meets your unique needs.

Hospital Insurance

Experience a fresh approach to health coverage with ExtrasJar. Partnered with Phoenix Health, we offer tailored hospital insurance products combined with an innovative Health Savings Account. Redefine your health insurance experience today.

Health Savings Account

Take control of your health expenses with our innovative Health Savings Account. Manage your healthcare costs efficiently without sacrificing the quality of care you and your family deserve. Learn more about our simple self-managed health account that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Pet Insurance

Your furry friends deserve the best care possible. Our extensive pet insurance options offer wallet-friendly solutions to help you protect your beloved pets without breaking the bank. Discover a range of customizable plans to give your pets the coverage they need.

Pet Extras

Never lose sleep over unexpected pet health costs when you’ve got coverage that grows alongside your furry friend through challenges of all shapes and sizes. Be confident in their health and your wallet with cover underlined by flexibility, transparency and foresight.

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