Secure your health and future in your way

We believe that because everyone’s health requirements are different, their health cover should be too. That’s why ExtrasJar is empowering all Aussies to curate a flexible health protection plan that suits them and their family’s distinct lifestyle.

Our cutting-edge Health Savings Account is at the core of it all. Thrive with more savings, more choice and more confidence in your health with ExtrasJar - without smashing the piggy bank.

Health Savings Account

Take control of your health with ExtrasJar’s cutting-edge Health Savings Account - a self-managed custodian account with an exclusive MasterCard® that empowers you to fill the gaps left by traditional health insurance. Plus, our pioneering investment mechanism ensures your contributions are hard at work while you stay healthy, building your health nest egg for the future. We want you to be the healthiest you, without limits.

The building blocks for a healthier you

The best health protection should align with your distinct lifestyle, needs and budget. That’s why we’ve designed the Health Savings Account to be uniquely adaptive, able to secure your health and finances whether it’s used standalone or alongside your existing health cover. The choice is yours.

Unsure of anything?

Wherever possible, we try to make health coverage easy for you. Whether it’s getting a quote or checking out the options, we’re here to make your ExtrasJar experience a good one.