Customer Referral Program: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions? 

This offer to participate in our Referral Program is made by ExtrasJar Pty Ltd (ABN 95 635 535 545, AFSL 519599) (we, us, our) in relation to the ExtrasJar Fund subject to these terms. 

You can only participate in our Referral Program if you agree to these terms, so you should carefully read them before you participate. By participating in our Referral Program, you are taken to agree to these terms. 

None of us like spam, not even it is your family and close friends; please get permission before sharing details of our referral program!  

What will you and your friend get?  

If you refer a friend to ExtrasJar, we’ll give a $10 investment bonus in the form of units in ExtrasJar Fund (Bonus Units) to each of you and your friend, when your both are subscribed to an extras plan (health or pet) for at least 3 months with a minimum monthly investment amount of $10. Your friend’s plan must start during the period starting 1 January 2023 and ending 1 July 2023 (Bonus Period). 

What do you and your need to do to get the Bonus Units (Eligibility Criteria)?   

To be eligible for the Bonus Units: 

What you’ll need to do 

  • Subscribe to an extras plan (health or pet) for at least 3 months with a minimum monthly investment amount of $10; 
  • Get your unique referral code (Unique Code) (which you can obtain through the ExtrasJar app or via another method) and share it with a friend who is not currently an ExtrasJar customer; and  
  • Comply with these terms (including those set out in the General section below).  

What your friend will need to do 

  • Open an ExtrasJar extras account during the Bonus period and enter the Unique Code when you sign up.  
  • Subscribe to an extras plan (health or pet) for at least 3 months with a minimum monthly investment amount of $10; and 
  • Comply with these terms (including those set out in the General section below). 

Warning! If your friend does not open an ExtrasJar Account during the Bonus Period, enter the Unique Code when opening an ExtrasJar Account, and subscribe for at least 3 months with a minimum monthly investment amount of $10 you and your friend will not receive the Bonus Units. Invalid or incomplete codes, or late entry of codes, will not be honoured. 

How and when will the Bonus Units be given to you and your friend? 

The Bonus Units will be given to you and your friend within 14 days of meeting the Eligibility Criteria. We’ll give them by issuing the Bonus Units and adding them to your ExtrasJar Account and your friend’s ExtrasJar Account respectively. 

The Bonus Units will be units in to the ExtrasJar Account in which you or your friend (as the case may be) have invested. So, if you’ve invested in the ExtrasJar Account, we’ll give you units in the corresponding ExtrasJar Account, valued at $10. The number of units you and your friend receive will be determined by the unit price on the week on which the Bonus Units are processed. 


(Not available with any other offer) This offer is available for the Bonus Period only and is not applicable in conjunction with any other promotional offer. 

(Our rights to extend or withdraw this offer) We reserve the right to extend or withdraw this offer without notice at any time at our sole discretion. If withdrawn, we’ll honour the offer in respect of any customers who satisfied the Eligibility Criteria before the offer is withdrawn. 

(You do not represent us) You acknowledge that you do not, and you must not, represent us or any of our related bodies corporate (each being a member of ExtrasJar Group). 

(No misrepresentations or misleading conduct) You must not make any misrepresentations or engage in any misleading or deceptive conduct or make any misleading or deceptive statements, about ExtrasJar, us or any other member of the ExtrasJar Group. 

(No spam) ExtrasJar does not support spamming. You agree to only send your Unique Code to your friends with their permission.  

(No marketing/promotion) You must not, and we do not authorise you to, otherwise market or promote the offer, or an ExtrasJar Account, through paid advertising or to the public at large. 

(Your conduct) You may only use our Referral Program for lawful purposes, and you must act in good faith. You must not: 

  • attempt to refer yourself; 
  • refer the same person more than once; 
  • refer people that you don’t know personally;  
  •  refer an existing customer of ExtrasJar;  
  • refer a fictitious person;  
  • use the Referral Program in any way that is unlawful or fraudulent, or has any unlawful or fraudulent purpose or effect; or  
  • otherwise attempt to circumvent these terms or the Referral Program. 

We may ban you from participating in the Referral Program, and not issue Bonus Units to you, at our sole discretion and without notice.  

(Devices) You and your friend cannot share the same device (that is, the device to which you’ve downloaded the ExtrasJar app must be different from the device to which your friend has downloaded the ExtrasJar app). 

(Bank accounts) The bank accounts from which you and your friend makes an investment into ExtrasJar Account must be different (that is, the account from which you fund investments into your ExtrasJar Account must be different from the account that your friend uses to fund their investment into their ExtrasJar Account). 

(Privacy) Your privacy is important to us. By participating in our Referral Program, you acknowledge that we require your personal information. You agree to us handling your personal information for the purpose of the Referral Program in accordance with ExtrasJar Privacy Policy. You agree to inform your friend that we will collect their personal information if you refer them to us. 

(Limit of our liability) We will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever which is suffered as a result of the Referral Program. We have no control over internet or mobile telephone communications, networks, bugs, viruses and server problems and accept no responsibility for any problems  

associated with them, for whatever reason. 

Important information 

 Quay Fund Services Limited (ACN 616 465 671 AFSL 494 886) is the responsible entity of the ExtrasJar Fund and the issuer of units in the Fund. ExtrasJar is the investment manager of the Fund and provides promotional and other services to the Fund.  

This information has been prepared without taking account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision about the ExtrasJar Fund, you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement, Target Market Determination, ExtrasJar Card Terms & Conditions and Reference Guide (available at, and whether the product is right for you.